The CD Digifile is a modern alternative to the standard CD plastic jewel case. CD Digipacks are made from sustainable card with a plastic tray which are fixed unto the digifile. The 4 panel version is the most popular and offer a good return to cost, and has an up-market look and feel. There are many design options including inserts for placing booklets. Contact us for further details.

Digifiles when they were first manufactured, were seen as specialist or limited edition CD products. Improvements in CD production and CD packaging printing has meant that this versatile CD and DVD packaging format is now available at much lower quantities and at much lower prices. See below for templates. If you need expert help to realize your design, please get in touch and together we can create the perfect design for you and your project. Prices start as low as €29 per panel for print ready design.

Contact us for details about your project.



Need a different template? Contact us and we will email one to you. Due to sustainable paper stock and the packing being made from card, makes recycling very easy. This format appeals to the artist and business who rightly is protecting to planet at the for front. Please check out our other pure card products like digisleeve and card wallets. If you have a half finished design but need it made “print ready” contact us and we help guide you to the finish line with a very competitive design quote. Graph design is a service often over looked but can add so much appeal to your project.